Spring in Happy Valley!

With April, comes the first real signs of Spring in Happy Valley! State College is a very “green” town – it is a “Tree City USA” and we are fortunate to have many suburban parks with both wooded and open spaces. Several of the REHV homes are located in Ferguson Township, which has a designated Tree Plan. According to a Tree Canopy Survey that assessed the amount of tree canopy from 2008 to 2019, there was an increase that was the equivalent of 380 football fields! What does this mean for potential REHV guests? It means that State College is a beautiful place to visit and residents and guests of Happy Valley have many reasons to be happy!

Happy Valley is also a very bike friendly area. Almost all of the REHV homes are closely located to bike paths that connect to paved trails throughout the region. If you’re interested in bringing your bikes, you might want to visit this site for maps and information about local biking. If you’re interested in heading away from the crowds, the forests surrounding State College are a hot spot for mountain biking. The Charming Cottage, located between State College and Boalsburg, is only ten minutes from Tussey Mountain, which is a popular biking and hiking trailhead. Check out this link for more information.

Each of the REHV homes are also located near family friendly parks with walking paths, playgrounds, picnic facilities, and sports fields. We’re happy to provide guests with information about what park is closest to the home they are staying in.

We love our town and are happy to share all that Happy Valley has to offer! We provide an on-line guidebook for our guests that showcases some of our favorite places. Come stay in Happy Valley and rest easy in one of our homes!

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Looking to stay for a while?

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